Cave Campers


Our Vision

There’s a back story to how we came to build the Cave pickup camper.  We love the outdoors: car camping, backpacking, hunting, mountaineering, rock climbing, fishing … really just about any time outside is a good thing.  The question for us was how to maximize that experience.

A tent is pretty good really.  It doesn’t cost much, it’s very portable, and it does what you need it to: it provides shelter for you and your stuff. However, the shuffling of gear in and out of the tent, the drying it out after a wet trip, the bugs, and the necessity to find an appropriate tent spot all adds up to more hassle than we want and less time enjoying the outdoors.

Traditional pickup campers are fine for some but were a long ways from what we wanted.  We didn’t want to buy a bigger truck to handle the weight, we didn’t want to deal with constant repairs, and we weren’t interested in eating, sleeping, and using the bathroom in such a small space.

To make a long story slightly shorter, we came up with a design that was completely different from anything in the market because it was specifically designed for the outdoor enthusiast: durable construction, lightweight (800 lbs), and easy to clean.  Without a bathroom or kitchen the floor plan allows for ample storage and room to move around.  It’s been tempting at times to add more features, bells, and whistles but we’ve resisted.  Every new feature increases cost, weight, and the chance of things breaking.  Less is more.

We stumbled into the fact that our design suits other customers outside the outdoor enthusiast market such as emergency responders, oil field workers, game wardens, and rodeo competitors.  The durable, minimalist design makes it a blank slate for builders and tinkerers in the overland market as well.

The Cave pickup camper you see today is the first of a line of campers with this vision in mind.  What comes next will be based on the feedback of our customers.