Cave Campers


Rental Businesses

There are great rental companies out there offering all sorts of configurations of RVs, customized vans, and other rigs to rent for various outdoor adventures.  Juicy Rentals and Escape Campervans in the U.S. are two examples.  The features of the Cave camper makes it a great addition to any camping related rental business.  The durability of the composite construction and the simplicity of the design means that maintenance costs will be far less than any RV or traditional truck camper.  It’s lightweight enough (800 lbs) that it easily falls within the payload of a 1/2 ton truck (e.g. F150 or Chevy 1500).  Every surface, inside and out, is easy to wipe down and the floor can be hosed out.  During peak season this easy of cleaning really comes in handy when vehicles need to be turned around quickly for back to back bookings.  You can provide camp stoves, cooking supplies, blankets, and other gear as you like which are easily accessed in the ample storage.  Look at our specifications page for more details.